Jeugd Fonds Sport (English)

Jeugd Fonds Sport (English)


Coupon code JFS clothing coupon

Have you received a clothing voucher from the JFS?

Send an email to:

You will then receive a voucher code.

Youth Fund Sport procedure:

  • You order the attributes in the webshop.
  • When you're done, enter your coupon code.
  • At the settlement, the amount of the voucher code will be deducted from the total amount.
  • If you have an order that is worth less than the JFS clothing voucher that you have in your possession, you will not receive the remainder. It is therefore advisable to use the entire value of the JFS clothing voucher.
  • You must hand over the JFS clothing receipt upon delivery. This must be valid and for the attention of: TEAMWEAR4YOU. If no (valid) clothing voucher can be handed over, the transaction will not take place and the 'purchase' will be cancelled.